A Journal of the Weird

Something Dark Awakens…

August 25th, 2014

Something Dark Awakens…

If you’re reading this, run! Don’t even think about stopping to look behind you, although I suspect the fetid breathe crawling towards your neck has warned you of that already.

My name is GT Gould. I have been called by many names and titles in my long life, but this one is new to me – that is, Editor-In-Chief. Today I’m proud to announce my latest endeavor – ANTEDILUVIAN, a Journal of the Weird. Antediluvian is a new weird fiction magazine designed to serve as a showcase for the darker aspects of our world, a collection of the unreal and the all-too-real nightmares that have plagued our race since its earliest cogent awareness.

Still with me? Good, and read on!

I invite you to follow me into the dark and discover things unknown and unknowable. Our first issue will be released in the near future. Until then, please explore this website – and if you are a purveyor of horror yourself, find your way to the Submissions section and see if Antediluvian is the right fit for your work.

On behalf of Antediluvian, I look forward to your patronage!

GT Gould