A Journal of the Weird


ANTEDILUVIAN is a new weird fiction journal in the tradition of Weird Tales and Amazing Stories. We’re inspired by tales of the bizarre, stories from the darker side of life, the kind of encounters a wrong turn at night may bring – you get the idea. Our editor-in-chief, Dr. G.T. Gould, created Antediluvian as an outlet for creative folk with an eye for the stranger aspects of our world.

Our magazines aims to be accessible to both first-time readers of weird fiction and captivating for those seasoned in the macabre. We plan to publish primarily new, never-before-read stories (and never-before-seen art), along with the occasional trek backwards to the forefathers of weird fiction.

Logistically, Antediluvian will be available in both print and online formats – we’ll post all of our issues here, so that they can be freely shared and read. The editorial committee is intent on keeping the magazine free, with the possibility of high-quality printed premium editions available for a small price later down the road.

Feel free to contact us at anytime – We’re investigating other methods of contact, e.g. form submission on this website and printed letters. We love letters.

If you’re an author or artist interested in contributing, find your way to the “Submit” page and check out our guidelines.

Look forward to our first issue, publishing soon!